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Regulations Governing the Administration of Shareholder Services of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2022.03.04 
Article 44-21     When a company will convene a shareholders' meeting with video conferencing, it shall specify the following matters in the shareholders' meeting notice:
  1. The means for shareholders to take part in the video conferencing and exercise their rights.
  2. Measures to be taken if, due to circumstances of a natural disaster, unforeseen event, or other force majeure event, any disruption occurs in the video conferencing platform or in participation by means of video conferencing, including at least the following particulars:
    1. To what time the meeting is postponed or from what time the meeting will resume if the above disruption continues and cannot be eliminated, and the date to which the meeting is postponed or on which the meeting will resume.
    2. Shareholders that have not registered to take part by video conference in the originally scheduled shareholders' meeting may not take part by video conference in the postponed or reconvened meeting.
    3. When the company convenes a hybrid shareholders meeting, if the virtual meeting cannot be continued, then if the total number of shares represented at the meeting, after deducting those represented by shareholders attending the shareholders meeting by video conferencing, meets the legal quorum for holding a shareholder meeting, the shareholders meeting shall continue in session. The number of shares represented by the shareholders, proxy solicitors, or proxy agents who were attending the shareholders' meeting by video conferencing shall be counted toward the total number of shares represented by the shareholders attending the meeting, but they shall be deemed to have waived their voting rights on all proposals at that shareholders' meeting.
    4. Measures to be taken if the outcome of all proposals have been announced but extemporary motions have not yet been proceeded with.
  3. When the company convenes a virtual-only shareholders' meeting, it furthermore shall specify appropriate alternative measures available to shareholders who have difficulty taking part in a virtual shareholders' meeting.