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Regulations Governing Stock Exchanges  CH

Amended Date: 2012.07.11 
Article 32-1     A stock exchange shall set up a handling procedure for acquiring or disposing of real estate and equipment and file such with the FSC for approval. The same also applies to the amendment thereof.
    In the occasion of acquiring or disposing of real estate and equipment, a stock exchange shall follow the handling procedure described in the preceding paragraph if the amount of each transaction exceeds NT$50 million. This shall also apply to the occasion that the stock exchange engages in the transactions with the same counter-party for several times in a year and the aggregate transaction amount exceeds NT$50 million.
    In case of acquiring or disposing of real etate and equipment, a stock exchange shall report the following matters to the FSC with relevant documentation within 2 days after the resolution of the meeting of board of directors:
  1. The name and nature of the object.
  2. The location and area of the real estate and the appraising result conducted by a professional appraisal body.
  3. The counter-party of the transaction; relationship to each other if the counter-party is a related one.
  4. Owner in the previous transfer and price of the transfer and date of registration.
  5. The price or agreed price of this transaction.
  6. Terms and conditions of delivery or payment.
  7. Method of deciding this transaction (such as bidding, price comparison or price negotiation).
  8. The broker and the brokerages fees.
  9. Purpose or usage of the acquisition or disposition.