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Regulations Governing the Preparation of Financial Reports by Company-Type Stock Exchanges  CH

Amended Date: 2018.07.27 
Article 3     A company-type stock exchange shall establish an accounting system based on the nature of its accounting matters, the actual conditions and development of its business, and its management needs.
    The accounting system referred to in the preceding paragraph shall separately provide the following items, based on the nature of the company-type stock exchange's business operations, and in a way that meets the needs of preparation of the consolidated financial reports and uniformity in the accounting policies of the company-type stock exchange and its subsidiaries:
  1. A general description of the accounting system.
  2. A chart of journals and ledgers.
  3. Descriptions and uses of accounting items, accounting documents, account books, and accounting statements.
  4. General accounting procedures.
  5. Other items required by the FSC.
    The company-type stock exchange shall see to it that its subsidiaries establish their accounting systems in accordance with the preceding paragraph.