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Criteria Governing the Particulars to be Recorded in the Prospectus for the Establishment by Public Offering of Financial/Insurance Enterprises  CH

Amended Date: 1999.02.23 
Article 3     The inside of the front cover of the prospectus shall be printed with the following items in sequential order:
  1. Name and seal of the preparatory office.
  2. Authorized capital amount, types of the current issue of new shares, number of shares, price, conditions of issue, the number of shares subscribed by the promoters, and number of shares publicly offered.
  3. The following words printed conspicuously:
    1. The approval of the public offering may not be used to advertise verification of the application or guarantee of the value of the securities.
    2. If the prospectus contains falsehoods or omissions, the representative of the preparatory office and others who have signed/sealed the prospectus shall be held liable by law.
    3. Where the shares have not yet been listed on a securities exchange, and have not yet been bought or sold at a place of business operations of a securities firm in accordance with Article 3 of the Operation Bylaws of the Republic of China Over-the-Counter Securities Exchange for Securities Trading on the Over-the-Counter Market, the investor shall make a careful judgment before investing.
    4. Printing date.
    When prepared for an application for establishment by offering, the prospectus shall note on its cover that it is a draft version for the purposes of such application.