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Article NO. Content


Criteria Governing the Particulars to be Recorded in the Prospectus for the Establishment by Public Offering of Financial/Insurance Enterprises  CH

Amended Date: 1999.02.23 
Article 6     The content of a prospectus shall include the following items:
  1. Summary of Preparation for Establishment: Including preparatory process, organizational structure and shareholding dispersal status.
  2. Operation Summary: Including business scope, fixed assets, use of share capital and important contracts.
  3. Business Plan: Including industry's general status and market analysis, business objectives, major contents of the business plan statement, and real estate acquisition plan or long-term investment plan.
  4. Financial Summary: Including CPA auditing status and other necessarily supplemental and explanatory items
  5. Financial Projection and Analysis: Including financial projection and financial projection analysis.
  6. Special Items to be included.
  7. Important Resolutions, Articles of Incorporation, and Relevant Laws and Regulations.