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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Press Conferences Concerning Material Information of Listed Companies  CH

Repeal Date: 2014.11.11 (English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2014.11.06 
Categories: Primary Market > Management > Information Disclosure
Article 3      If any circumstance set forth in any subparagraph in the preceding article applies to a listed company, or any mass media reportage would be sufficient to affect the market price of the listed securities, or any reportage diverges from facts, the listed company shall complete a "Report to Convene a Press Conference Concerning Material Information" (Attachment 1) specifying the content of the information, and promptly send it to the TWSE for handling. Unless the TWSE deems there to be a necessity to postpone handling, the company shall promptly dispatch a spokesperson or acting spokesperson to participate in a press conference before the trading day next following the occurrence of the event or the broadcast media report, to provide explanations to the news media. Where foreign laws or regulations impose time constraints concerning material information that a listed company is required to report on behalf of a foreign enterprise under these Procedures, the listed company may accommodate the time constraints on the foreign enterprise and make the disclosure simultaneously therewith.
    The TWSE primary listed company may dispatch a spokesman or acting spokesman, or its litigious or non-litigious agent in the Republic of China, or an independent director, to hold a press conference pursuant to the provisions in the preceding paragraph.
    If any of the matters as specified in paragraphs 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 19, and 22 of the preceding Article, or any matter that the TWSE deems material occurs to the listed company, the listed company shall dispatch the above-mentioned personnel to the TWSE to hold a press conference, and such conference may not be held through video conferencing.
    If any circumstance specified in paragraph 1, subparagraph 7 of the preceding Article exists, the listed company shall, in the closest non-trading hours after the resolution is passed by the board of directors, convene a press conference at the TWSE. If there is more than one participating listed company, the companies shall hold the press conference simultaneously. If there are exceptional circumstances such that it is impossible to hold the press conference in a timely manner and the TWSE has been reported to and given approval, the listed company shall immediately input the content or explanations of the information into the Internet information reporting system designated by the TWSE, and promptly make up holding of the press conference.