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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Procedures for Verification and Disclosure of Material Information of Companies with Listed Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2020.01.03 
Categories: Primary Market > Management > Information Disclosure
Article 12     If the circumstances of any subparagraph of the preceding article apply to a TWSE listed company, or any mass media reportage would be sufficient to affect the market price of the TWSE listed securities, or any reportage diverges from facts, the TWSE listed company shall complete a "Registration Form for Material Information Press Briefing" (Appendix 3) specifying the material information, and promptly send it to the TWSE for handling. Unless the TWSE deems it necessary to postpone handling the matter, the company shall promptly appoint a spokesperson or acting spokesperson to participate in a press briefing before the following trading day after the occurrence of the event or the broadcast media report to provide explanations to the news media. Where foreign laws or regulations impose time constraints concerning material information that a TWSE listed company is required to report on behalf of a foreign enterprise under these Procedures, the TWSE listed company may accommodate the time constraints on the foreign enterprise and make a simultaneous disclosure.
    To ensure timeliness, a TWSE listed company filling out a report pursuant to the preceding paragraph shall first transmit it by facsimile or other means and then deliver the original report. If the original report is delivered and any discrepancy with the facsimiled version is found, responsibility shall be borne by the TWSE listed company and it shall publicly announce and explain the discrepancy. A report submitted by a TWSE listed company shall be consistent with the facts, and shall bear the seals of the company and its responsible person or manager to indicate that they are responsible.
    The TWSE primary listed company may appoint a spokesman or acting spokesman, or its litigious or non-litigious agent in the Republic of China, or an independent director, to hold a press briefing pursuant to the provisions in paragraph 1.
    If any matter under paragraph 1, subparagraphs 1, 2, 6, 7, or 10 of the preceding Article, any material event in the first part of subparagraph 19 of paragraph 1, Article 4, or any other matter that the TWSE deems material occurs with respect to a TWSE listed company, the TWSE listed company shall dispatch the above-mentioned personnel to the TWSE to hold a press briefing, which may not be held through video conferencing or other similar manner.
    Given the existence of any circumstance under paragraph 1, subparagraph 7 of the preceding article, the TWSE listed company shall convene a press briefing at the TWSE during the non-trading hours closest in time to the board of directors' resolution. If there is more than one participating TWSE listed company, the companies shall hold the press briefing simultaneously. If exceptional circumstances make it impossible to hold the press briefing in a timely manner and the matter is reported to and approved by the TWSE, the TWSE listed company shall immediately input the information or explanations into the TWSE-designated Internet information reporting system designated by the TWSE, and promptly hold a press briefing in lieu of the one originally to be held.
    Where necessary, a TWSE listed company may hold a press conference that is to be held in accordance with these Procedures, in the form of a material information briefing open to investor participants.