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Operating Rules for Securities Firms Handling Margin Purchases and Short Sales of Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2021.04.01 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Margin Transaction
Article 4     A securities firm shall confine its securities trading margin purchase and short sale operations for TWSE- or TPEx-listed securities to those funds and securities that are deliverable after execution of customer orders for normal-settlement brokerage trades on the automated trade matching system of the TWSE centralized securities exchange market or TPEx, for which the underlying securities are those publicly announced by the TWSE or TPEx as eligible for margin purchases and short sales.
    None of odd-lot or block trades or the trades specified in Article 74 of the Operating Rules of the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (hereinafter, "TWSE Operating Rules") or Article 39 of the Taipei Exchange Rules Governing the Review of Securities for Trading on the TPEx (hereinafter, the "TPEx Trading Rules") are eligible for margin purchases or short sales.