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Regulations Governing The Use Of Trading Information  CH

Amended Date: 2013.01.28 
Categories: Information Operations
Article 16     Given any of the following circumstances, a user applicant shall report to the TWSE:
  1. Any change of its representative, responsible person, contact person, agent, business address, telephone or fax number;
  2. Any change of the responsible person, address or contact telephone number for its equipment room; or
  3. Any instance where a bank has dishonored a check or refused a transaction of the company or its responsible person, or any other loss of creditworthiness.
  4. Any instance of a material adverse effect on the finances or operations of the company due to litigation, non-litigation, administrative disposition, administrative litigation, or the application for or execution of provisional attachment or provisional injunction involving the company or its responsible person.
  5. Other matters requiring report under the regulations of the TWSE.