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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules for Administration of Additional Deposits by Securities Firms to the Clearing and Settlement Fund  CH

Amended Date: 2012.01.11 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Clearing and Settlement
Article 9     If any of the following circumstances occurs on the central exchange market, the TWSE shall submit the matter to the Committee for deliberation and a resolution, upon the passage of which it shall notify all securities firms to make additional deposits to the Fund within a designated time limit:
  1. The total number of securities firms experiencing any event in any subparagraph of Article 2, paragraph 1 of the Regulations in the same calendar month exceeds one-fifth of all securities firms.
  2. The total number of securities firms whose daily average value at risk for any month reaches twice the basic amount that the firm has already deposited to the Fund exceeds one-fifth of all securities firms.
  3. A securities firm defaults on its settlement obligations.
  4. The TWSE judges there to be any event with a material effect on market settlement order.
  5. Any other event as approved by the competent authority.
    A circumstance under subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph shall also be reported to the competent authority for approval.     All amounts that are required to be additionally deposited by all, and by individual, securities firms under paragraph 1, shall be additionally deposited after the method of calculation and the scale of allocations have been deliberated and passed by a resolution of the Committee. A securities firm that, upon notice by the TWSE, fails to make a deposit or makes an insufficient deposit shall have its trading on the TWSE market halted.