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Regulations Governing the Issuance of Call (Put) Warrants by Issuers  CH

Amended Date: 2022.04.26 
Article 7     When any one of the following circumstances applies to an issuer that has applied for accreditation as a qualified issuer of call (put) warrants, the FSC may deny accreditation; for an issuer that has obtained accreditation, the FSC may void or revoke the accreditation:
  1. It has made incomplete submission of required application documents, and has failed to supplement those documents by the deadline prescribed by the FSC.
  2. Particulars of the application do not conform to laws and regulations, or the application contains misrepresentations or nondisclosures.
  3. There is a major loss of creditworthiness which has yet to be settled, or four years have not elapsed since settlement.
  4. There is a lack of appropriate risk management measures.
  5. The issuer has been incapable of meeting obligations in connection with a previous issue of call (put) warrants.
  6. In the most recent year the issuer has failed to comply with TWSE or TPEx regulations applicable to call (put) warrants, and improvement within a specified time period was not possible.
  7. The issuer fails to prepare financial reports in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, or effective enforcement of its internal control system is not possible.
  8. The issuer violates the preceding Article, or an assessment shows that its filed particulars might have material impact on its financial status.
  9. There is a major dispute with respect to rights and interests that could influence the issuer's finances or business, and there is no resolution or improvement.
  10. There is factual evidence of material irregularities with the issuer's finances or business.
  11. The issuer does not comply with the conditions Article 5, paragraph 2 or 3.
  12. The FSC otherwise considers it necessary to deny accreditation in order to protect the public interest.