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Rules and Review Procedures for Director and Supervisor Share Ownership Ratios at Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2008.05.20 
Article 3     The determination of the total registered shares owned by the directors and supervisors of a public company shall be made based on the entries inscribed on the shareholders list or on the proof of shares deposited with a centralized securities depositary. However, shares which have been transferred but the transferee has not completed transfer procedures shall be deducted from the calculation.
    Where the government or a juristic person is a shareholder, and the shareholder or its representative is elected as a director or supervisor, their total shareholding shall be counted as registered shares held by the government or the juristic person. However, registered shares of the public company owned by the designated representative him/herself and placed in centralized custody in the form of a segregated account with a centralized securities depositary may be counted in the total share ownership referred to in the preceding article.