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Regulations Governing the Use of Proxies for Attendance at Shareholder Meetings of Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2020.02.27 
Article 22     If the use of proxies has any of the following conditions, the represented votes shall not be counted:
  1. Where the proxy form is not printed by the company;
  2. Where the solicited proxies delivered to the company are obtained through transfer;
  3. Where Article 5, Article 6, or Article 7-1, paragraph 1, are violated;
  4. Where proxies are solicited outside the place of solicitation in violation of Article 8, paragraph 2, or there is a violation of paragraph 4 of the same Article.
  5. Where proxies are obtained in violation of Article 11, paragraph 1;
  6. Where there is false statement in the declaration issued in accordance with Article 13;
  7. Where paragraph 1 of Article 10, paragraph 1 of Article 13, Article 14, paragraph 1 of Article 16, or paragraph 2 of Article 19 is violated;
  8. Where the shares represented by a solicitor or proxy agent exceed the limit provided in Article 20 or Article 21, the portion in excess shall not be counted; or
  9. Where the solicitor's voting is inconsistent with the contents stated in the literature and advertisement or the contents of the proxy of the mandating party.
  10. Any other solicitation of proxies in violation of these Regulations
    In case of any of the events referred to in the preceding paragraph, the public company may refuse to distribute the voting slips of each motion in the shareholders meeting concerned.
    If any vote is not counted pursuant to paragraph 1 above, the public company shall conduct a re-count.
    Proxies and documents and forms/statements and information in electronic media prepared in accordance with these Regulations shall be kept for at least one year. However, if a shareholder institutes a suit under Article 189 of the Company Act, they shall be kept until the conclusion of the litigation.