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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Guidelines Governing the Selection and Appointment of External Reviewers of the Securities Listing Review Committee  CH

Amended Date: 2018.10.31 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 2     External reviewers with legal and financial/accounting expertise invited by the TWSE are impartial members of society who do not hold a position at the management of the TWSE and who satisfy one of the following qualification requirements:
  1. Scholars with a teaching position at a local college or university as an assistant professor or above for five or more years or as the dean of a graduate school or principal of a university or a college;
  2. Individuals who have acted as the responsible person of a financial enterprise or worked in the financial sector for ten or more years, and have held a position of assistant general manager or above;
  3. Individuals who have worked at a securities-related enterprise for seven or more years and have held a position of general manager or above;
  4. Certified accountants or lawyers who have practiced at a domestic partnership firm for ten or more years;
  5. Professionals who are experienced or specialized in securities, business operation or developments in the relvant industries.
    External reviewers with industrial expertise invited by the TWSE shall be selected by the TWSE from among specialists with an in-depth understanding of the industry where the applicant company undertakes business or specialists recommended by professional research institutes) appointed by TWSE, competent authority for the enterprise in question,, local public or private colleges or universities and business associations of the relevant industry and appointed subject to approval of the President upon written request.