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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation "Guidelines for Presentations, Evaluations and Explanations Given by Companies Applying for Initial Stock Listing and Relevant Staff at the Securities Listing Review Committee"  CH

Repeal Date: 2016.01.04 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 4     The presentation given by the Applicant shall in principle cover the following:
  1. the company's place of business, manufacturing process and a summary of its business activities;
  2. the history and development of the company;
  3. the main products, product materials and major sources thereof;
  4. the operation philosophy and performance;
  5. the structure of directors and supervisors, and operation of the meetings of board of directors and supervisors in the last two years;
  6. a summary of market situation and role in the sector of business (including action plans and strategies such as same trade competitions, product substitution, business cycles);
  7. transactions with suppliers and buyers, sales status and gross sales profit analysis of the last three years;
  8. competitive edges (advantages);
  9. the fund management status (including budge preparation, fund procurement and use of idle funds, current implementation progress of prior capital increases and fund implementation plan for proposed capital increases, and benefit analysis);
  10. the financial relationship with related parties and members of business group;
  11. a comparison and analysis of financial ratios of listed and private companies in the same trade;
  12. the stock dividend policy;
  13. personnel and employee benefit systems (including employee stock options, bonus and retirement plans);
  14. the inventory management, production and sale policies and implementation of the policies;
  15. the fixed assets and other real estate properties;
  16. the environmental protection facilities and accomplishment of implementation;
  17. research and development results and future R&D programs (including analysis of quality of R&D staff, R&D objectives, competitor's capabilities in R&D work, and outlook for future mass production and market competitiveness);
  18. future development plans and favorable and unfavorable factors to the company's future development and action plans and strategies;
  19. the listing purpose.
    For reconsideration cases, the presentation should also include the reason why the previous application was rejected and a comparison table of reasons for reconsideration.