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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Articles of Incorporation  CH

Amended Date: 2021.08.23 (Articles 8, 11 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2020.07.01 
Categories: Basic Laws and Regulations
Article 12     All shareholders shall be notified of the date, place and agenda of the meeting 20 days before a regular shareholders' meeting or 10 days before a special shareholders' meeting.
    Shareholders holding 1% or more of the total issued shares of the Corporation may submit a proposal in writing to the regular shareholders' meeting. Only one proposal may be accepted. All other proposals will not be included in the agenda.
    The Corporation will issue a public announcement on solicitation of proposals from shareholders, where proposals shall be submitted to, and when proposals may be accepted prior to the date of suspension of transfer of shares before a regular shareholders' meeting. The period to accept proposals shall not be shorter than 10 days.
    A proposal submitted by shareholders must not exceed 300 Chinese characters. Any proposal containing more than 300 Chinese characters will not be included in the agenda. A shareholder who has submitted a proposal must attend the regular shareholders' meeting in person or by proxy and participate in the discussion of his or her proposal.
    The Board may refuse to include a proposal submitted by shareholder in the agenda in one of the following circumstances:
  1. The proposal is not something to be resolved at a shareholders' meeting;
  2. The shareholder submitting the proposal holds less than 1% of the shares of the Corporation at the time prior to commencement of the period when transfer of shares is suspended under Paragraph 2, Article 165 of the Company Act; or
  3. The proposal is not submitted during the scheduled period when proposals may be accepted as specified in the public announcement.
    The Corporation shall notify the shareholder submitting the proposal of the status of his or her proposal before the date when the notice of the shareholders' meeting is sent, and include the proposals that have met the requirements in this article in the meeting notice. The Board shall provide reasons for not including a shareholder's proposal in the agenda at the shareholders' meeting.