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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Review of Securities Listings  CH

Amended Date: 2020.03.30 (Articles 8, 14, 21, 28-3, 28-12 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2018.07.09 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 2-2     An issuer applying for listing of Republic of China shares shall engage a professional shareholder services agent to process shareholder services matters before the TWSE will accept its listing application for processing. A listed company that was listed at any time from 2 January 2013 onward shall engage a professional shareholder services agent to process shareholder services matters, and may not take those matters back into its own hands.
    The TWSE will accept for processing an application for a primary listing of shares, for a secondary listing of shares, or for sponsoring the issuance of Taiwan depositary receipts by a depositary institution, by a foreign issuer only after it has appointed a professional shareholder services agent within the Republic of China to handle shareholder services, and has also designated a litigious and non-litigious agent within the Republic of China.
    The professional shareholder services agent referred to in the preceding two paragraphs shall have shareholder services personnel and equipment that comply with the provisions of the Regulations Governing Handling of Shareholder Services by Public Companies, and it shall not have any record in the past 3 fiscal years of having been given post-audit recommendations in writing by the Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation and failing to make improvements by the deadline.
    Issuers applying for listing Republic of China shares and foreign issuers applying for primary listing of shares shall incorporate the following in the articles of incorporation before the TWSE will entertain their applications:
  1. Electronic means as one of the avenues for the exercise of voting rights by shareholders.
  2. Election of directors of the company through the nomination system.
  3. An audit committee to be established by the company.