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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Review of Securities Listings  CH

Amended Date: 2022.07.13 (Articles 2-2 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.04.07 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
27-1     Approval will be granted for listing of the stock or Taiwan depositary receipts of a foreign issuer that applies for a TWSE secondary listing or that sponsors issuance of Taiwan Depositary Receipts by a depositary institution if the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs or a professional institution engaged by the TWSE issues an unequivocal opinion it is a technology enterprise, has successfully developed marketable goods or technology, and meets each of the following criteria:
  1. Number of shares to be listed or units of Taiwan depositary receipts to be listed: 20 million shares or more, or shares with a market price of NT$300 million or more; or 20 million units or more, or units with a market price of NT$300 million or more; provided that it may not exceed 50 percent of the total number of shares issued by the foreign issuer.
  2. The securities underwriter has provided a written recommendation.
  3. The stock, or the securities representing such stock, issued by the foreign issuer in accordance with the laws of its country of registration is already listed and traded on the main board of one of the overseas securities markets approved by the Competent Authority before the listing of the stocks or Taiwan depositary receipts under the listing application.
  4. At the time of application for listing, the net worth stated on the financial report audited and attested by a CPA for the most recent period shall be the equivalent of NT$300 million or more and not less than two-thirds of the sum of share capital and capital surplus; evidence shall also be required supporting that there is a sufficient amount of working capital covering the period of 12 months after the listing and half or more of such working capital is derived from the principal operating activities.
  5. At the time of the proposed listing, the number of registered shareholders or holders of the Taiwan depositary receipts in the Republic of China is not less than 1,000 persons, and the total number of shares held by the shareholders or holders of the Taiwan depositary receipts other than insiders of the foreign issuer and juristic persons of which such insiders own over 50 percent of the shareholding is 20 percent or more of the total number of issued shares or is 10 million shares or more.
  6. The stock to be listed shall be the same class of stock listed on other stock exchanges or securities markets. The rights and obligations of the holders of stock shall be identical with those of the same class of stock listed on other stock exchanges or securities markets. Local holders of the stock shall not be restricted from selling the stock on foreign stock exchanges or securities markets.
  7. There is no abnormal fluctuation in the price of the stock, or securities representing the stock, issued by the foreign issuer under the law of the country of registration, during the 3 months before the agreement takes effect for listing of shares or Taiwan depositary receipts with respect to which the listing application is submitted.
  8. The depositary institution has not, within the past year, been sanctioned by the TWSE for any error in information reporting, where the circumstances were serious.
     The provisions of Article 26, paragraphs 2 and 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the financial reports referred to in subparagraph 4 of the preceding paragraph.
    The foreign issuer shall undertake in writing that, after listing, it will establish a reporting system with the TWSE for automatic sychronous reporting of material information.