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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Review of Securities Listings  CH

Amended Date: 2021.07.29 (Articles 18, 19, 28-5, 28-6, 32, 33 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.04.07 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
31     In addition that the TWSE must reject the application of a domestic issuer, foreign issuer or its subordinate company for the listing of its stock in any of the circumstances under subparagraphs 7, 8 and 9, the TWSE may also reject the application of a domestic issuer or a foreign issuer for the listing of stocks at the TIB if any of the following circumstances exists and the TWSE decides against listing, despite that it meets the requirements on listing set forth in Article 29:
  1. Has the circumstances described in Article 156, paragraph 1, subparagraphs 1 and 2 of the Securities and Exchange At, or its act is false, fraudulent or illegal to such an extent the price of the securities after listing may be affected which is therefore likely to jeopardize the market order or public interest.
  2. Fails to have its finance or business independently separated from another person’s.
  3. Is involved in a major labor and management dispute or environmental pollution incident that would affect the company’s normal finance and business operation, and no improvement has been made.
  4. Is found to have major irregular transactions, and no improvement has been made.
  5. Has failed to effectively implement its written accounting system, internal control system or internal audit system, or failed to prepare its financial reports in accordance with applicable laws and the general accepted accounting principle, and the failure is significant.
  6. It is experiencing a serious decline in the business activities it engages in.
  7. The director, general manager or real responsible person of the applicant or its incumbent director, general manager or real responsible person has been in breach of the principle of honesty and good faith in the most recent years.
  8. There are less than five members in the board of directors of the applicant, or there are less than three independent directors or its independent directors take less than one fifth seats of the board; its board of directors is unable to perform its duties independently; or it fails to establish the compensation committee in accordance with Article 14-6 of the Securities and Exchange Act and its applicable rules. Further, at least one of its elected independent directors must be a professional in accounting or finance. The above shall, however, not apply if a domestic issuer, prior to application for the listing of stocks and its stocks have not been registered with the TPEx for trading, has undertaken to complete the election of its independent directors and establish its functional committees no later than commencement of listing and trading of its stocks.
  9. Where the applicant has registered its stocks at the TPEx for trading during the fiscal year of its application for the listing and its most recent fiscal year, since its listing date, its incumbent directors and shareholders holding more than 10% of its total issued shares have not traded any stocks issued by the applicant at the TPEx market. The above shall, however, not apply if it engages in prelisting public sale in accordance with Article 36 or has other legitimate reasons.
  10. Where the shares of the applicant are held by a TWSE/TPEx listed company and it meets one of the following conditions, the shares transfer by the TWSE/TPEx listed company for purpose of reducing its shareholding in the applicant in the most recent three years was not done by having the company’s existing shareholders to subscribe the shares on a priority basis or otherwise in a manner not detrimental to the shareholders’ equity of the company:
    1. The applicant is an existing or newly incorporated company to which business or assets will be transferred by a TWSE/TPEx listed company after split.
    2. The applicant is a subsidiary of a TWSE/TPEx listed company in which the TWSE/TPEx listed company has reduced its direct or indirect shareholding by a total of more than 20% within the three years prior to the application for listing.
  11. Is otherwise deemed by the TWSE as inappropriate for listing due to business cope, nature or special circumstances.
    The provisions under all the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph shall apply until the day before the day when its listing contract takes effect.