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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing Review of Securities Listings  CH

Amended Date: 2022.07.13 (Articles 2-2 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2021.04.07 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
34     A domestic issuer or foreign issuer applying for the listing of stocks at the TIB shall issue a written guarantee to undertake the following:
  1. Has completed registration of non-physical securities prior to the listing, except where its stocks have been registered for trading at the TPEx.
  2. Starting the listing date, continue to appoint the lead securities underwriter to assist its compliance with the securities laws of the Republic of China, listing contract and other regulations. If it terminates the appointment with the lead securities underwriter during the listing, it shall appoint a new securities underwriter as successor within one month of the day when termination of appointment takes effect.
  3. During the fiscal year following its listing, disclose the annual report at the Internet information reporting system designated by the TWSE at the same time when submitting the written annual report, and report in writing the CPA’s project audit report for the previous year.
    In case of a foreign issuer, in addition to the preceding paragraph, it shall issue a written guarantee to further undertake the following:
  1. If the TWSE deems it necessary to audit a foreign issuer’s finance and business or fund flows, the issuer is willing to fully cooperate in the investigations conducted by the TWSE and the lawyers, CPAs or professional institutions appointed by the TWSE, and furnish all information requested by the TWSE, and agrees to pay the costs for all investigations.
  2. Important matters relating to protection of shareholders’ equity should be added in the articles of incorporation or organic documents. In case of these matters are added in the organic documents, the articles of incorporation must specify that these matters shall be separately governed by the organic documents, and the organic documents may be added and/or amended through the same procedure accordance to which the articles of incorporation may be added and/or amended. Where such addition to the articles of incorporation or organic documents is contradictory to the mandatory requirements under the laws of the jurisdiction of incorporation, information specifically about enhanced disclosure of major differences must be contained in the prospectus.
  3. It will continue to comply with the securities laws of the Republic of China, listing contract, the TWSE policies and rules and other publications after listing.
    Where the mandatory requirements under the laws of the jurisdiction where the foreign issuer is incorporated as described in the preceding paragraph contradict to the mutatis mutandis provisions of the ROC Securities and Exchange Act, mutatis mutandis application of these provisions may only be excluded to such extent that certain requirements under the Securities and Exchange Act may be waived as indicated in the public announcement of the competent authority of the ROC government.