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Supplementary Provisions to the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules for Review of Securities Listings  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.31 (Articles 1, 6-2, 17-1, 17-2, 22, 30, 31, 32 amended,English version coming soon)
Current English version amended on 2020.03.02 
Categories: Primary Market > Review
Article 26     As used in Article 28-8, paragraph 1, subparagraph 3 of the Rules, " material non arms-length transaction" means that any of the following circumstances applies to a foreign issuer or a company controlled by it that is applying for a primary listing:
  1. The purpose, price, terms and conditions, or the handling procedures for a purchase or sale of goods are at variance with those of an ordinary transaction or are obviously unreasonable.
  2. When, for various trades with related parties, there is no verification of reasonable necessity for the trade, or of the legality of the decision-making process for the trade, or the reasonableness of the price or the payment or receipt of funds (including comparison with non-related parties or same industry parties).
    In the same subparagraph, "has not been rectified" means the aforementioned circumstances still exists on the date on which the TWSE receives the application of listing of its securities.