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Regulations Governing Securities Trading on the Taipei Exchange  CH

Amended Date: 2017.03.31 
Article 7     The TPEx shall prescribe Rules Governing Securities Trading on the TPEx by including the following items and report to the FSC for its approval:
  1. The application for and the termination of TPEx trading of securities.
  2. Trading on behalf of itself or on behalf of clients and the way of differentiating both.
  3. The way to execute the brokerage trading contract.
  4. The business hours and the unit of trading.
  5. The way to publicly disclose trading price.
  6. The unit or range of price increase or price decrease and the standard for determining price for initial TPEx trading.
  7. The timing and method of clearing and settlement.
  8. The transfer procedure of traded securities.
  9. The arbitration and handling of the disputes of securities trading and violation of regulations.
  10. Other related items of TPEx Trading.