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Regulations Governing Book-Entry Operations for Centrally Deposited Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 30-3     Where the rights of a pledgee over deposited securities are enforced by the court in accordance with compulsory execution procedures, the CSDE shall transfer the pledged securities from the "sub-account of pledged securities" on the pledgee's participant account book to the account designated by the court for auction or make physical delivery of the securities to the court-designated person.
    Where the pledge of deposited securities is enforced by the pledgee's withdrawal of securities or by the pledgee's self conducted auction, the CSDE shall, upon receiving notification from the pledgee's participant, transfer the securities from the "sub-account of pledged securities" on such participant's account book or make book-entry transfer in accordance with the result of auction.