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Regulations Governing Book-Entry Operations for Centrally Deposited Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 30-5     An issuer that delivers securities by means of book-entry transfer shall compile in a computer medium a list of the names of the securities to be delivered by book-entry transfer, and deliver it to the CSDE before the date of the book-entry transfer delivery, accompanied by the relevant certification for the securities of that issue.
    On the transfer date, the CSDE shall transfer the securities into the customer's account with the participant in accordance with the content of the computerized list of the names of the securities to be delivered by book-entry transfer as referred to in the preceding paragraph. If the securities owner has not opened an account with the participant, the securities delivered by book-entry transfer shall be recorded in the "entry sub-account" of the CSDE's issuer account book.
    After carrying out delivery by book-entry transfer in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the CSDE shall make the necessary entries in the participant's account book, and notify each participant. Each participant shall then make the necessary entries in their customer’s account books.
    A securities owner referred to paragraph 2 shall first open an account with the participant and carry out transfer of the securities to its account in accordance with CSDE rules prior to carrying out any book-entry transfer procedures for the withdrawal, sale, or pledge of such securities.