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Regulations Governing Book-Entry Operations for Centrally Deposited Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2021.03.29 
Article 31     Within two days after the commencement of the issuing company's publicly announced period of suspension of account transfer due to convening of a shareholders' meeting or creditors' meeting, or declaration of dividends, bonuses or other profits, or repayment of principal and payment of interest, a participant shall prepare and submit to the CSDE a list of all securities owners whose securities have been deposited with the CSDE one business day prior to the record date. Such list shall record the names, personal identification card numbers, government uniform invoice numbers, tax ID numbers, residence or domicile, the quantities of securities held by each securities owner, and information relating to trust registrations.
    The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall apply mutatis mutandis to government bonds and other securities.