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Taipei Exchange Operation Directions for the Allocation of Limits for Securities Eligible for Margin Purchases and Short Sales and Limits for Sales of Borrowed Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2016.03.16 
3     When conducting securities trading margin purchases and short sales, a securities firm may accept trade orders only within the allocated limit. If it handles a trade in excess of the allocated limit and on the trade date the customer fails to fill out a consent form for settlement with cash or spot securities, as the case may be, the exceeding part shall be reported as an out-trade.
    Under the circumstances set forth in the preceding paragraph, the securities firm shall handle the event in accordance with the Directions for Securities Firms Handling Changes to Trading Category and the Directions for Reporting and Handling of Out-Trades and Account Number Corrections by Securities Brokers. Apart from that, the TPEx may notify the securities firm to make supplementation or correction within a time limit, and may, if it is of a serious nature, report the event to the competent authority.