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Personal Data Protection Act  CH

Amended Date: 2015.12.30 
Article 8     The following items should be told precisely to the Party by a government agency or non-government agency, in accordance with Article 15 or Article 19:
  1. the name of the government agency or the non-government agency;
  2. purpose of collection;
  3. classification of the personal information;
  4. time period, area, target and way of the use of personal information;
  5. rights of the Party and ways to exercise them as prescribed in Article 3;
  6. the influence on his rights and interests while the Party chooses not to provide his personal information;
    The following situations may be exempted from the notice prescribed in the preceding Paragraph:
  1. when in accordance with law;
  2. when the collection of personal information is necessary for the government agency to perform its official duties or the non government agency to fulfill the legal obligation;
  3. when the notice will impair the government agency in performing its official duties;
  4. when the notice will impair public interests.
  5. when the Party should have known the content of the notification already;
  6. when the collection of personal information is for non-profit purposes and clearly does not cause any detriment to the Party.