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Statute For Investment By Foreign Nationals  CH

Amended Date: 1997.11.19 
Article 15 Where an invested enterprise is organized as a company under the Company Law, the investor thereof may be exempt from the restrictions on his/her domicile in the Republic of China, Chinese nationality, and the amount of investment under Articles 98-1, 108-2, 128-1, 208-5, and 216-1 of the same Law.
The provisions of Article 156-4 of the Company Law requiring issuance of stock certificates to the public, and the provisions of Article 267 of the same Law requiring setting aside a certain percentage of new shares (issued as a result of capital increase by cash) to be purchased by the employees of the invested enterprise shall not apply to an investor's investment if such investment accounts for 45% or more of the total capital of the enterprise in which he/she invests.
If the investor's investment is made in conjunction with an overseas Chinese who makes the investment under the Statute for Investment by Overseas Chinese, and if their aggregate amount of investment accounts for 45% or more of the total capital amount of the invested enterprise, the provisions referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall, mutatis mutandis, apply thereto.