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Statute For Investment By Foreign Nationals  CH

Amended Date: 1997.11.19 
Article 9 The investor shall have his/her approved capital contribution remitted in full into the Republic of China within the prescribed time limit, and shall submit a report on the receipt of the contribution amount to the Competent Authority for examination.
If, after being granted an approval to make an investment under this Statute, the investor fails to implement his/her investment, in whole or in part, within the prescribed time limit, the approval of his/her unimplemented investment shall be revoked upon expiration of the prescribed time limit. However, for good cause shown, the investor may, prior to the expiration, apply to the Competent Authority for an extension of the prescibed time limit.
After implementing his/her investment, the investor shall request the Competent Authority to verify the total amount of his/her investment. The rules of the verification shall be prescribed by the Competent Authority.