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Company Act  CH

Amended Date: 2018.08.01 
Article 369-10     Subject to the condition that the fact of mutual investment is known to both mutual investment companies, the number of voting power exercisable by either investing company in the invested company shall not exceed one third of the total number of the outstanding voting shares or one third of the total amount of the equity capital of the invested company provided, however, that the voting power associated with the dividend shares distributed from capitalization of surplus earnings or excess legal reserve shall still be exercisable.
    In case a company has not received a similar notice from another company after having given a notice such another company in accordance with the provisions of Article 369-8 of this Act nor does it know the existence of mutual investment relation between them, then its right to exercise the voting power in the capacity of a shareholder of such another company shall be free from the restriction set forth in the preceding Paragraph.