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Company Act  CH

Amended Date: 2018.08.01 
Article 393     The responsible person of a company or any interested person may, with reasons stated, apply for an access to examine, transcribe or make copies of the contents of various company registration records or documents in file; provided, however, that the authority may refuse such application or may set up a limitation of the information or data to be examined by the applicant, if necessary.
    The following particulars of company registration shall be made open to the public by the competent authority, and any person may apply to the competent authority for an access to examine, transcribe or make copies thereof:
  1. The name of the company; the foreign corporate name if it is indicated in the Articles of Incorporation;
  2. The scope of business of the company;
  3. The location of the company; the location of branch office, if any;
  4. The shareholder(s) executing the business operations or representing the company;
  5. The name of directors and supervisors and their respective shareholdings in the company;
  6. The name of the manager;
  7. The amount of authorized capital stock or of the paid-in capital;
  8. Whether there are special shares with multiple voting right or veto power over specific matters;
  9. Whether there are special shares issued under Item Five, Paragraph One of Article 157 or Item 4, Paragraph One of Article 356-7; or
  10. The Articles of Incorporation of the company.
    Any person may have the access to the information web site of the competent authority to examine the information enumerated in Items 1 through 9 of the preceding Paragraph; it is also applicable to Item 10, if agreed by the company.