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Regulations Governing Collection of Company Registration Fees  CH

Amended Date: 2022.11.24 
Article 7 Calculation standard of charges and fees for filing applications for reading, photocopy or certificates of information of a specific company:<br/>1.Inspection:<br/>Charges and fees of NT$400 shall be payable for information of one company with a time period of two hours and NT$100 for each additional hour or part thereof after that.<br/>2.Photocopy:<br/>Charges and fees of NT$10 per copy shall be payable for photocopies of company (change) registration form, Articles of Incorporation, board of directors meeting minutes, shareholders’ meeting minutes, director’s written consent, shareholder’s written consent, CPA’s audit report and attachments thereof and other kinds of documents.<br/>3.Certificates:<br/>Charges and fees of NT$200 shall be payable for application for a certificate, and NT$600 for an English certificate. Application for more than one copy of the same certificate or English certificate at a time, NT$100 shall be payable for each additional copy.<br/>Charges and fees of NT$300 shall be payable for the application for a detailed list of capital formation.<br/>Additional charges and fees of NT$50 shall be payable for document copies set forth in preceding Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 1 if the applicant needs to have a post service.