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Regulations Governing Review of Applications for Reservation of Corporate Names and Business Scopes  CH

Amended Date: 2018.11.08 
Article 7 Where two companies or a company and a limited partnership are with different specially given names, their corporate names shall be deemed different.
Where corporate names indicating different categories of business or other distinguishable characters, even though they share the same specially given name, such corporate names shall be deemed as different.
The distinguishable characters set forth in the preceding paragraph shall not be any of the following:
1. Characters that identify the type of organization, limited partnership, district/area names, foreign country names, hall, mark, trading, shop or association.
2. Characters prior to the specially given name and indicating new, good, old, big/large, small, true, genuine, original, pure, real, authentic or orthodox.
3. If the names of two companies or the names of a company and a limited partnership are with the same specially given names and the same category of business, the characters come thereafter indicating the organization or nature of the business, such as enterprise, business, business development, business promotion, industrial field, industry, commerce, merchant, firm, business concern or business entity.