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Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds and Making of Endorsements/Guarantees by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2019.03.07 
Article 17     Before making an endorsement/guarantee for others, a public company shall carefully evaluate whether the endorsement/guarantee is in compliance with these Regulations and the company's Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees for Others. The company may make an endorsement/guarantee only after the evaluation results under this paragraph and Article 12, paragraph 5 have been submitted to and resolved upon by the board of directors, or approved by the chairman of the board, where empowered by the board of directors under Article 12, paragraph 8 to grant endorsements/guarantees within a specific limit, for subsequent submission to and ratification by the next board of directors' meeting.
    Before making any endorsement/guarantee pursuant to Article 5, paragraph 2, a subsidiary in which the public company holds, directly or indirectly, 90% or more of the voting shares shall submit the proposed endorsement/guarantee to the public company’s board of directors for a resolution, provided that this restriction shall not apply to endorsements/guarantees made between companies in which the public company holds, directly or indirectly, 100% of the voting shares.
    Where a public company has appointed independent directors, when it makes endorsements/guarantees for others, it shall take into full consideration each independent director's opinions; independent directors' opinions specifically expressing assent or dissent and their reasons for dissent shall be included in the minutes of the board of directors' meeting.
    A public company shall use the corporate chop registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs as the dedicated chop for endorsements/guarantees. The chop shall be kept in the custody of a designated person approved by the board of directors and may be used to seal or issue negotiable instruments only in prescribed procedures.
    When making a guarantee for an overseas company, a public company shall have the Guarantee Agreement signed by a person authorized by the board of directors.