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Regulations Governing Loaning of Funds and Making of Endorsements/Guarantees by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2019.03.07 
Article 19     Where a public company needs to exceed the limits set out in the Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees to satisfy its business requirements, and where the conditions set out in the Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees are complied with, it shall obtain approval from the board of directors and half or more of the directors shall act as joint guarantors for any loss that may be caused to the company by the excess endorsement/guarantee. It shall also amend the Operational Procedures for Endorsements/Guarantees accordingly and submit the same to the shareholders' meeting for ratification after the fact. If the shareholders' meeting does not give consent, the company shall adopt a plan to discharge the amount in excess within a given time limit.
    Where the public company has appointed independent directors, when it makes endorsements/guarantees for others, it shall take into full consideration the opinions of each independent director; independent directors' opinions specifically expressing assent or dissent and the reasons for dissent shall be included in the minutes of the board of directors' meeting.