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Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2018.11.26 
Article 10     A public company acquiring or disposing of securities shall, prior to the date of occurrence of the event, obtain financial statements of the issuing company for the most recent period, certified or reviewed by a certified public accountant, for reference in appraising the transaction price, and if the dollar amount of the transaction is 20 percent of the company's paid-in capital or NT$300 million or more, the company shall additionally engage a certified public accountant prior to the date of occurrence of the event to provide an opinion regarding the reasonableness of the transaction price. If the CPA needs to use the report of an expert as evidence, the CPA shall do so in accordance with the provisions of Statement of Auditing Standards No. 20 published by the ARDF. This requirement does not apply, however, to publicly quoted prices of securities that have an active market, or where otherwise provided by regulations of the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC).