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Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2018.11.26 
Article 24     A public company participating in a merger, demerger, acquisition, or transfer of shares shall prepare a public report to shareholders detailing important contractual content and matters relevant to the merger, demerger, or acquisition prior to the shareholders meeting and include it along with the expert opinion referred to in paragraph 1 of the preceding Article when sending shareholders notification of the shareholders meeting for reference in deciding whether to approve the merger, demerger, or acquisition. Provided, where a provision of another act exempts a company from convening a shareholders meeting to approve the merger, demerger, or acquisition, this restriction shall not apply.
    Where the shareholders meeting of any one of the companies participating in a merger, demerger, or acquisition fails to convene or pass a resolution due to lack of a quorum, insufficient votes, or other legal restriction, or the proposal is rejected by the shareholders meeting, the companies participating in the merger, demerger or acquisition shall immediately publicly explain the reason, the follow-up measures, and the preliminary date of the next shareholders meeting.