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Regulations Governing the Acquisition and Disposal of Assets by Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2018.11.26 
Article 5     Professional appraisers and their officers, certified public accounts, attorneys, and securities underwriters that provide public companies with appraisal reports, certified public accountant's opinions, attorney's opinions, or underwriter's opinions shall meet the following requirements:
  1. May not have previously received a final and unappealable sentence to imprisonment for 1 year or longer for a violation of the Act, the Company Act, the Banking Act of The Republic of China, the Insurance Act, the Financial Holding Company Act, or the Business Entity Accounting Act, or for fraud, breach of trust, embezzlement, forgery of documents, or occupational crime. However, this provision does not apply if 3 years have already passed since completion of service of the sentence, since expiration of the period of a suspended sentence, or since a pardon was received.
  2. May not be a related party or de facto related party of any party to the transaction.
  3. If the company is required to obtain appraisal reports from two or more professional appraisers, the different professional appraisers or appraisal officers may not be related parties or de facto related parties of each other.
    When issuing an appraisal report or opinion, the personnel referred to in the preceding paragraph shall comply with the following:
  1. Prior to accepting a case, they shall prudently assess their own professional capabilities, practical experience, and independence.
  2. When examining a case, they shall appropriately plan and execute adequate working procedures, in order to produce a conclusion and use the conclusion as the basis for issuing the report or opinion. The related working procedures, data collected, and conclusion shall be fully and accurately specified in the case working papers.
  3. They shall undertake an item-by-item evaluation of the comprehensiveness, accuracy, and reasonableness of the sources of data used, the parameters, and the information, as the basis for issuance of the appraisal report or the opinion.
  4. They shall issue a statement attesting to the professional competence and independence of the personnel who prepared the report or opinion, and that they have evaluated and found that the information used is reasonable and accurate, and that they have complied with applicable laws and regulations.