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Sample Template for XXX Co., Ltd. Rules Governing Financial and Business Matters Between this Corporation and its Affiliated Enterprises  CH

Amended Date: 2020.06.03 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 9     Price terms and payment methods shall be expressly stipulated for any business interaction between this Corporation and any affiliated enterprise. The purpose, pricing, and terms of a transaction, and its formal and substantive nature and the related handling procedures, shall not differ markedly from those of a normal transaction with a non-related party, nor may they be obviously unreasonable.
    When business needs require the purchase of finished products, semi-finished products, or materials from an affiliated enterprise, purchasing personnel shall thoroughly evaluate the reasonableness of the price quoted by the affiliated enterprise based on market prices and other transaction terms and conditions. Except in special circumstances, or given advantageous conditions that differ from those of ordinary suppliers, under which the granting of preferential pricing or terms of payment can be reasonably stipulated, any other prices and payment terms shall be commensurate with those offered to ordinary suppliers.
    Price quotes for the sale of any finished products, semi-finished products, or materials to an affiliated enterprise shall be made with reference to current market prices. Except in cases of long-term cooperation or other special factors that are different from ordinary clients, under which reasonable stipulations may be made to grant preferential pricing or terms of payment, any other prices and payment terms shall be commensurate with those offered to ordinary clients.
    For professional or technical services provided between this Corporation and an affiliated enterprise, both parties shall enter into a contract stipulating the scope of the services, fees charged, time period, payment terms, and after-sales service. The contract shall be implemented after approval by the general manager or the chairperson of this Corporation, and all contract terms and conditions shall comply with normal business practice.
    By the end of each month, the accounting personnel of both this Corporation and its affiliated enterprises shall perform cross checks of the purchases and sales of goods between them for the preceding month and the related balances of accounts payable and receivable. If any discrepancies are found, accounting personnel shall identify the cause and prepare a reconciliation statement.