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XXX Co., Ltd. Self-Regulatory Rules on Disclosure of Merger and Acquisition Information, Template Version  CH

Amended Date: 2019.04.24 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 8     (Manner of response to outside rumors or inquiries)
    Where there are inquiries or rumors from outsiders indicating the Company is involved in a merger and acquisition activity, the Company shall respond as follows:
  1. Information on the merger and acquisition activity may not be disclosed to the public unless and until approved by resolution of the boards of directors of the companies involved. In response to inquiries or rumors from outsiders, the Company shall state "no comment."
  2. If there is no merger and acquisition project going on between the Company and any other company, the Company shall issue a denial and explain that the information contained in rumors or inquiries from outsiders is at variance with the facts.
  3. If the Company has discussed a merger and acquisition activity with another company, but the merger and acquisition project has been terminated due to unfeasibility, the Company shall provide adequate clarification to that effect in response to rumors or inquiries from outsiders.