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Operation Directions for Agency Services Operated by Securities Firms Engaged by Customers to Invest Their Securities Trading Balances  CH

Amended Date: 2015.03.31 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Borrowing of Money
Article 12     When applying to the securities firm for the Services, principals who are natural persons shall bring in person the original of their national identity card, sign a letter of authorization, and present a specimen seal impression card or signature specimen card.
    Principals who are persons with limited or no legal capacity wishing to apply to the securities firm for the Services shall do so through their legal representative or legal guardian, who shall personally bring the original of his own identity card as well as that of the principal for the application. If the principal has not obtained an identity card, a transcript of domiciliary register or a household register may be submitted instead; the guardian shall also present documents proving guardianship.
    When filing the application in the first paragraph, principals who are juristic persons shall have their authorized agent present a power of attorney, the original of the national identity card of the agent as well as that of the representative, and the original of the Juristic Person Incorporation (Amendment) Registration Card and documents proving juristic person registration.
    A photocopy of the identification documents and Juristic Person Incorporation (Amendment) Registration Card each, and the original of the power of attorney, as mentioned above, shall be kept for record-keeping purposes. Each photocopy shall be stamped with the inscription "This document have been received, were brought in person by the person or agent himself/herself, and is correct and without fault."