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Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2020.01.15 
Article 5     The election of independent directors at a public company is subject to the provisions of Article 192-1 of the Company Act in that a candidate nomination system shall be adopted, that such system shall be expressly stated in the articles of incorporation of the company, and that shareholders shall elect independent directors from among the those listed in the slate of independent director candidates.
    The public company shall, prior to the book closure date before the convening of the shareholders' meeting, publish a notice specifying a period for receiving nominations of independent director candidates, the number of independent directors to be elected, the place for receiving such nominations, and other necessary matters; the period for receiving nominations shall be not less than 10 days.
    The public company may present a slate of independent director candidates nominated by the methods set out below, and, upon evaluation by the board of directors that all candidates so nominated are qualified independent director candidates, submit it to the shareholders' meeting for elections:
  1. A shareholder holding one percent or more of the total number of issued shares may present a slate of independent director candidates in writing to the company; the number of nominees may not exceed the number of independent directors to be elected.
  2. The board of directors presents a slate of independent director candidates; the number of nominees may not exceed the number of independent directors to be elected.
  3. Otherwise as designated by the competent authority.
    When providing a recommended slate of independent director candidates under the preceding paragraph, a shareholder or the board of directors shall specify each nominee's name, educational background, and work experience, and submit therewith documentation that the nominees meet the requirements of Article 2, paragraph 1, and the preceding two articles, and other documentary proof.
    When calling a shareholders' meeting for the purpose of independent director elections, the board of directors, or other person having the authority to call a shareholders' meeting, shall review the qualifications of each independent director nominee; except under any of the following circumstances, all qualified nominees shall be included in the slate of independent director candidates:
  1. Where the nominating shareholder submits the nomination at a time not within the published period for receiving nominations.
  2. Where the shareholding of the nominating shareholder is less than one percent at the time of book closure by the company under Article 165, paragraph 2 or 3 of the Company Act.
  3. Where the number of nominees exceeds the number of independent directors to be elected.
  4. Where the relevant documentary proof required under the preceding paragraph is not attached.
    If an independent director candidate included by a public company under the provisions of the preceding paragraph has already served as an independent director of the public company for three consecutive terms or more, the company shall publicly disclose, together with the review results under the preceding paragraph, the reasons why the candidate is nominated again for the independent directorship, and present the reasons to the shareholders at the time of the election at the shareholders meeting.
    The directors of the public company shall be elected in accordance with Article 198 of the Company Act, with independent and non-independent directors elected at the same time, but in separately calculated numbers. If the public company has established an audit committee under the Act, at least one of its independent directors is required to have accounting or financial expertise.