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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Directions For the Recognition of the Qualifications of Issuers of Exchange-Traded Funds and Underlying Indexes  CH

Amended Date: 2018.04.03 
Categories: Primary Market > Applications
Article 6     If the underlying index of the ETF under application for listing is compiled by the TWSE or Taiwan Index Plus Corporation, a wholly owned company of the TWSE solely, or jointly with other institutions, the issuer shall submit the following documentation to the TWSE for recordation before applying to the competent authority for approval to offer, or filing with the competent authority the effective offering of, the fund:
  1. Profiles of ETF managers and the product development team.
  2. Introduction of and licensing agreement with respect to the underlying index.
  3. Planning structure.
    1. Initial minimum asset scale.
    2. List of participating securities firms.
    3. Proposed ETF listing schedule.
    4. ETF product design and subscription and redemption procedures.
    5. Fund investment portfolio management (including an outline on how to track index performance in fund operation, using methods such as full replication, optimization, stratified sampling, or otherwise, and the simulated index of the fund investment).
  4. Marketing and promotion plans.
    The TWSE may, subject to the circumstances, request the issuer to provide supplementary information and explanations in connection with the documentation listed in the preceding paragraph.
    The other institutions that compile the index jointly with Taiwan Index Plus Corporation, a wholly owned company of the TWSE, as mentioned in paragraph 1, shall meet the qualification requirements in Article 3, paragraph 2.