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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Listing Contract for Company Warrants of Securities with Detachable Warrants  CH

Announced Date: 2009.12.25 
Categories: Primary Market > Listing Contracts
1     According to matters set forth in the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TWSE") Rules Governing Listing Contracts for Securities, pursuant to Article 141 of the Securities and Exchange Act ("Act"), this Contract is made by and between ______________, a company limited by shares ("Issuer") and the TWSE regarding the application made by the Issuer to the TWSE for listing of the duly approved company warrants of securities with detachable warrants offered pursuant to Article 139 of the Act ("Company Warrants"). Therefore, the parties hereto agree as follows:

Article 1
    Items relevant to the application made by the Issuer according to this Contract for listing of the Company Warrants include:
│Type of company warrant │□ Company warrants of corporate  │
│                        │   bonds with detachable warrants │
│                        │□ Company warrants of preferred  │
│                        │   shares with detachable warrants│
│                        │□ Others                         │
│Issuing date            │                                  │
├──────┬─────┤                                  │
│Method of   │exercise  │                                  │
│setting     │price     │                                  │
│conditions  ├─────┤                                  │
│for         │exercise  │                                  │
│exercising  │period (or│                                  │
│the warrant │date)     │                                  │
│            ├─────┤                                  │
│            │type of   │                                  │
│            │share     │                                  │
│            ├─────┤                                  │
│            │number of │                                  │
│            │shares    │                                  │
│            │subscriba-│                                  │
│            │bable in  │                                  │
│            │each      │                                  │
│            │warrants  │                                  │
├──────┴─────┤                                  │
│Total issuing amount    │                                  │
├────────────┤                                  │
│Issuing price           │                                  │
├────────────┤                                  │
│Existing period         │                                  │
├────────────┤                                  │
│Other issuing conditions│                                  │
    In the event that any amendment, addition or deletion to the Company Warrants of the Issuer occurs after listing, the content of amendment, addition or deletion to listed company warrants stated in the Application for Listing of Securities, the Application for Change of Contents for Listing of Securities or the Conversion Notice of Listing of Securities, as approved by the TWSE, shall constitute an integral part of this Contract for company warrants.

Article 2
    Relevant laws and regulations governing securities and rules and announcements made by the TWSE are an integral part of this listing contract for Company Warrants and shall be complied with by the Issuer and TWSE.

Article 3
    Upon this Contract being approved by the competent authority, the Issuer shall pay a listing fee of the company warrants to the TWSE upon their initial listing, pursuant to the listing fee schedule of Company Warrants set forth in the TWSE Securities Listing Fee Schedule adopted by the TWSE.
    The TWSE Securities Listing Fee Schedule indicated in the precedent paragraph shall constitute an integral part of this Contract. Any amendment thereto shall prevail accordingly.

Article 4
    TWSE may change the original method of trading used for Company Warrants listed pursuant to relevant laws and regulations or rules of the TWSE, or based on other circumstances as it deems necessary, and shall report such change to the competent authority for its recordation within one month from the implementation. Alternatively, TWSE may cease the trading of or delist the listed Company Warrants upon approval of the competent authority obtained; or may announce the cessation of trading and then report to the competent authority for its recordation.

Article 5
    This Contract is executed in five counterparts, one of which shall be delivered to the competent authority and the others to the Issuer and TWSE.

Article 6
    This Contract shall take effect after having been submitted to and approved by the competent authority.
│This Contract has been approved and                         │
│became effective per [month] [day], [year] Letter No. [  ]  │
│of the Financial Supervisory Commission, Executive Yuan     │
    Legal Representative:
    Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation
    Legal Representative:

    [Month] [Day], [Year]