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Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2020.02.13 
Categories: Corporate Governance
Article 26     TWSE/GTSM listed companies are advised to assess the impact their procurement has on society as well as the environment of the community that they are procuring from, and shall cooperate with their suppliers to jointly implement the corporate social responsibility initiative.
    TWSE/GTSM listed companies are advised to establish supplier management policies and request suppliers to comply with rules governing issues such as environmental protection, occupational safety and health or labor rights. Prior to engaging in commercial dealings, TWSE/GTSM listed companies are advised to assess whether there is any record of a supplier's impact on the environment and society, and avoid conducting transactions with those against corporate social responsibility policy.
    When TWSE/GTSM listed companies enter into a contract with any of their major suppliers, the content should include terms stipulating mutual compliance with corporate social responsibility policy, and that the contract may be terminated or rescinded any time if the supplier has violated such policy and has caused significant negative impact on the environment and society of the community of the supply source.