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Regulations Governing the Appointment and Exercise of Powers by the Remuneration Committee of a Company Whose Stock is Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange or the Taipei Exchange  CH

Amended Date: 2020.01.15 
Article 8     The remuneration committee shall convene at least twice a year, which requirement shall be expressly provided in the remuneration committee charter.
    In calling a meeting of the remuneration committee, a notice setting forth therein the subject(s) to be discussed at the meeting shall be given to each member at least 7 days in advance. In emergency circumstances, however, the meeting may be convened at any time.
    When a company has selected independent directors in accordance with the Act, at least one independent director shall participate on the remuneration committee, and the entire membership shall unanimously elect the independent director to serve as the convenor and meeting chair. If there is no independent director, one member shall be elected as the convener and meeting chair by and from among the entire membership. When the convener goes on leave or otherwise for any reason whatsoever is unable to convene a meeting, the meeting shall be convened by another independent director of the committee designated by the convener, or if there is no other independent director on the committee, by another member elected by and from among the other members of the committee.
    The remuneration committee may invite directors, managerial officers of relevant departments, internal auditors, certified public accountants, legal consultants, or other personnel to attend meetings as nonvoting participants and provide relevant necessary information, provided that they shall leave the meeting when deliberation and voting take place.