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Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation Rules Governing the Repurchase of Taiwan Depositary Receipts by Secondary Listed Companies  CH

Amended Date: 2015.06.23 
Categories: Primary Market > Management > Secondary Listings
Article 3     A TWSE secondary listed company repurchasing Taiwan depositary receipts on the TWSE centralized securities exchange market shall, within two days counting inclusively from the date on which the resolution for repurchase is made at a meeting of the board of directors, publicly announce the following matters on the Market Observation Post System (MOPS), and report to the TWSE by submitting the downloaded data and relevant documentation.
  1. Date and method of resolution.
  2. Purpose of the repurchase of Taiwan depositary receipts (share redemption and cancellation).
  3. Ceiling on the total monetary amount of the repurchase of Taiwan depositary receipts.
  4. Planned repurchase period and quantity.
  5. Repurchase price range.
  6. Repurchase method.
  7. Percentage ratio of the units planned to be repurchased to the total number of already-issued Taiwan depositary receipts (%).
  8. Any repurchase of Taiwan depositary receipts during the most recent 3 years prior to the date of resolution.
  9. Planned or actual date for the cancellation of the shares.
  10. Other matters as required by the TWSE.
    When making the public announcement pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the TWSE secondary listed company shall also report or change the insider data on MOPS.    The TWSE secondary listed company shall faithfully implement the repurchase of the Taiwan depositary receipts in accordance with the repurchase quantity and price indicated in its filing under paragraph 1.