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Regulations Governing the Operation of and Compliance Requirements for Split Voting by Shareholders of Public Companies  CH

Announced Date: 2012.04.13 
Article 5     When a shareholder applies to exercise split voting, the application content shall specify the following particulars:
  1. Company name.
  2. Shareholder name and uniform ID number.
  3. If the shareholder has engaged a proxy, the personal name or entity name of the proxy.
  4. A document declaring that the shareholder meets the criteria of Article 3.
  5. Other particulars as required by the competent authority.
    Any query and correspondence documents relating to the content of the exercise of split voting rights of shareholders shall be kept for a period of at least one year. In the event litigation is initiated, however, the documents shall be kept until the conclusion of the litigation.    A shareholder shall permanently keep on record for inspection the documentation proving that the shareholder meets the criteria of Article 3.