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Operational Rules Governing Day Trades of Securities  CH

Amended Date: 2016.02.01 
Categories: Securities Exchange Market > Trading > Securities Transaction
Article 1      For the purposes of these Rules, day trading of securities shall mean trading, by the normal settlement method, in which, by agreement of the principal and the securities firm, with respect to a TWSE (or GTSM) listed security designated by the competent authority, after a buy order or sell order for the security is executed on the cash (spot) market, an equal quantity of the security is offset through the same brokerage account on the same day, and the settlement of funds is conducted based on the price difference after the offsetting of the opposite trades.
    If a TWSE (or GTSM) listed security that is eligible for day trading has been publicly announced by the TWSE or the GTSM under relevant bylaws or rules as being placed under an altered trading method or under dispositive measures, the security may not be an object of a day trade.
    Day trades of securities are limited to day trades between trades executed in normal trading before market close, and to day trades between a buy or sell trade executed in normal trading before market close and an opposite offsetting trade executed in after-hours fixed-price trading.
    These Rules do not apply to odd-lot trades, block trades, trades conducted under Article 74 of the TWSE Operating Rules, and trades conducted through over-the-counter price negotiation under Article 32-1, and trades under Article 39, of the GreTai Securities Market Rules Governing Securities Trading on the GTSM.