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Regulations Governing Offshore Securities Branches  CH

Amended Date: 2017.08.18 
Article 12     An offshore securities branch that conducts foreign currency derivatives business shall first assess the associated risks and benefits, adopt related management strategies and operating rules, and apply to the FSC.
    After an offshore securities branch has received approval to engage in foreign currency derivatives business, in its handling of any individual foreign currency derivatives, unless specifically approved by the competent authority, the denominating currency may not be New Taiwan Dollars, and the linked underlying may not be a New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate, a New Taiwan Dollar interest rate index, or a New Taiwan Dollar denominated product, and further, no investment portfolio may involve any product denominated in New Taiwan Dollars.
    An offshore securities branch that handles foreign currency derivatives for which its head office has already received approval or recordation by the CBC shall submit documentation of that approval or recordation to the FSC for recordation, and notify the CBC.
    After an offshore securities branch has received FSC approval to conduct foreign currency derivatives business, it may apply to the FSC to handle any already permitted foreign currency derivative product. Except as otherwise provided by the competent authority, when an offshore securities branch applies to handle any such product, then if, within a period of 15 days from the day following the date on which it submits the application document, a description of the product's characteristics, a legal compliance statement, and a risk disclosure statement to the FSC and notifies the CBC, neither the FSC nor the CBC has expressed opposition, it may immediately begin to handle that product. The offshore securities branch, however, may not handle the product for which it is applying during the aforementioned 15-day period.
    When an offshore securities branch wishes to handle a foreign currency derivative product not yet approved by the FSC, it shall apply to the FSC, and the FSC will approve or reject each individual application after consulting with the CBC.